I am called Alutia Moses Zorran Brudd and I call the story of my Life “Divine Driven Life”

I have no excuse for not serving the Lord because he sustains wherever I go. Being born In 1978 It did not take me long to begin seeing trouble. Before I reached the age of one (1) year my parents divorced and I was left in the hands of three stepmothers. Two really made my life difficult for me while one was on the sympathy side, this caused her to be hated by the other two women. In fact my mother was the first wife to my father this traditionally means She is the owner of the husband and the rest of the women are take her as their mother as well. This made them lord it over me since my mother was gone. I actually was able to see my mother again after 14years (fourteen years). When I made any mistake I sure that they will remind me to look for the whereabouts of my mother. Thanks be to God I have grown married and now a man with a son.

It is unfortunate that the very year when I saw my mum (when I was fourteen) is the year when my dad died of HIV/AIDS. I guess many of you have heard about HIV and its effects in Uganda. I have sixteen brothers and sisters from the four mothers this made life even more difficult because the rest of the mothers were not educated and the only person who was the bread winner (daddy) was gone. This was a big, big, big chapter in my life, which took me quite a lot of time to come over. I was in primary six by then. I left to the dry areas of Karamoja to my aunties but things were not as easy as I expected. Before my dad died He had written a will, in which he gave out his property to his children and each child has got approximately 14 hectares of land. My step mothers told just marry and begin to till the ground and cultivate food which you will eat, I was too young to do that, that’s why I opted to join the family of my aunties in Karamoja sub-region in Uganda.

I joined primary seven in Karamoja Moroto District But my dear the education bit of it was bitter probably like the roots that the Israelites ate with the Passover lamb. Having passed in first grade in the primary; leaving examination (a national exam) I joined Moroto high school. Unfortunately there was no more school fees to continue with my education. I opted to go and learn how to mend vehicle tyres, and later learnt general service of vehicles on job at a petrol station run by Shell. With the desire to advance with my mechanics knowledge I opted to go to school half day while I work half day to get food, house rent and school fees.

Glory to God it was heard but having helped some missionaries by then Comboni catholic missionaries in Moroto with repairs of their car, they decided to go and clear all my school fees for that year. There I was Divine intervention was on my side to get the sponsorship.
Shortly before that I had a very bad idea in my mind but God still intervened at the right time. When my dad died he had built a commercial building for rentals, it holds about 18 rooms for rent, My step mother decided to grab the building from us and ordered us not to appear there or else she will kill us with poison or witchcraft. My dear I recalled her statements more then 10 times every day until I thought of killing her first by buying a gun illegally and then go gun her down and surrender my self to the police so that my brothers could collect house rent from the house and go to school. By God’s grace I did not do it I stayed in the bush on a tree in the nights for three days and three nights and also became a short time street kid when food was nowhere to be seen. Thanks be to the father in heaven for he has always delivered me from such terrible situations for this missionaries came my way.

As a matter of fact there is no brother of mine nor sister who went to the University and in the whole tribal clan of ours I only know of four people who have ever been to the university with two of the them graduating with diploma.

Why then can’t I count myself Divine driven? For sure everywhere I go I pray for Divine favor and I get it not because I am any better than other Ugandans but because God has a plan for me, plans to prosper me and not to destroy me.

Come time fro me to join “A” level (high school), of all the more than 500 Ugandans who applied to the Cornerstone Development sponsorship there was no way in which God could allow my name to go missing in the list my name was actually the first in the admission list and there I scored 17 points out of 25. Still I never went straight to the University in that year’s intake, I had to work with Tim the director of Cornerstone at the cottages so as to raise school fees (tuition fees at the university). Later I was asked to join a voluntary work with youth corps, a project of Cornerstone that rehabilitates street children and eventually I was employed there as I went to the university for my studies. Later on I was appointed to head the Kibuli project area (mentoring about 20 kids at in a house). This became a training ground for me to be a parent and now working with Kids of similar background. As soon as I completed my studies at Makerere University, I was asked by the Board of Governors of Cornerstone schools to join one of their schools as the bursar in charge of expenditure as well as assist in administration there. It’s from this job that I am now with Sixty Feet in Uganda as the director here in Uganda. And I am Glad to be in this ministry that God has entrusted in to our hands to lead his children to him. .

My ultimate desire is that God always should use me to enable children of such background as mine to achieve greater things even more than I have achieved, and also help them forgive their past and lead their lives as God truly desires of Us.

I am married (wedded in church) and have one son Shadrach Ejokedeke (meaning God is good) Because God has been so good to us in our family. Besides I am a born again Christian. I love Jesus as my savior and your savior as well.
Attached here is one of our precious wedding photograph

May God bless you all.


I am called Atengei Betty, a 26yr old married born-again currently serving the lord at Sixty Feet Uganda. A Ugandan and specifically from the east (Bukedea district). I am the tenth in a family of 12 children (8 girls, 4 boys), though 2 are deceased (boy and girl). My dad died in 1995, so basically I have grown not knowing the love of a dad. My mom is not professional, attended school and stopped at primary level. My dad was an accountant by profession, worked with government till his death. He had two wives and my mom was the first wife, he abandoned my mom in 1990 with 11 children, without a job and he moved out with his second wife. He left us in Karamoja (north eastern part of Uganda), which is semi-arid and we didn’t have any land to cultivate.

From that time, we have lived, studied and grew purely by the grace of God. No one in my family knew the lord, we could go to church but didn’t have that required personal relationship with the lord. As a result my family didn’t walk the Christian talk. Never the less, the lord provided for our daily needs through good Samaritans.

The lord provided us with sponsors through the Catholic Church. It was a foster family project for specifically Karamojong kids, but how we got into the system, I may not be able to explain. They were strict though on class performance, continuing with only those who excelled. So all my brothers and sisters dropped out of school except me. The favour of the lord has really been with me even before I gave my life to Christ. All my education has basically been on sponsorship. The catholic church, stopped paying my fees in senior four, but God opened a door and another foster parent paid my fees for senior five and six, still God opened government doors and they offered me a scholarship in comprehensive nursing.

I gave my life to Christ in 2006 November while at the nurse training institute through a student’s fellowship. Before I gave my life to Christ, life at home was really hard, my family was bond in witchcraft which negatively affected every single member of the family except me. Our land in the village was completely barren, all my elder sisters had conceived and dropped by their boyfriends, my brothers were jobless and the relatives to my dad had rejected us. God purely by grace used me even before I got born a gain to sustain my family. Though young, I used to work and use the income to educate my brothers and sisters, and as well feed the entire family. Due to the curse my other siblings were completely unproductive, and really not succeeding in everything they tried to do.

So after I surrendered to Christ, there was a sudden change of events in my life and family, the burden suddenly seemed light, the barren land suddenly became productive, one of my sisters got a miracle job (she was not qualified for the job), the girl I follow completed her primary teaching course and is now employed, one of my brothers went for the same course and government now employs him. For the first time, we bought a cow in my family (cows are highly regarded in my tribe). Peace came back to my family and yes there was hope for especially the nieces and nephews who are at home with mom. I became the first girl in my family to be properly married, starting with a formal family introduction and then wedding later. Because of what happened to my elder sisters, the whole clan ridiculed my mother saying she would never see bride price in her home. In my tribe, bride price is highly regarded and any girl who does not follow suit brings shame and insult to the family.

Friends, God has done so much that I cannot tell it all. Anyway, by his grace I have learnt to totally depend on him for absolutely everything in my life.

I completed my training in November 2007, and rushed to the village because I felt I needed to share Christ to my family members.in early January 2008, I was in church for a fasting and prayer session when I received an invitation for interviews with a non government organization called INTERNATIONAL NEEDS NETWORK UGANDA, amazed, I called back because I hadn’t applied for the job, I thought they had errored in their communication. Little did I know that my husband (then fiancée), had read the advert and secretly applied on my behalf. Well I did go for interviews and I got my first appointment Feb 3 2008. I was given the job before my results and transcript were out. After my wedding in November 2008, God opened doors for me to join my husband in cornerstone development Uganda where he was working, so I joined him on march 3 2009.

My husband and I agreed to leave Cornerstone but did not know what to do next, the only conditions we had are, we must be able to serve God and be together, wherever we will be.so we went on our knees and asked God to open doors for us. Exactly two weeks after we made the prayer, one of the people at the cornerstone head office called my husband saying he should prepare to meet “some people” who need a link in Uganda. No details were given at that time. So we inquired from God if it was an open door for us. And so we found ourselves in Sixty Feet. He cautioned us that we were coming to do his work and if we remain faithful, he remains faithful. Psalms 18:25-27. He also said that we shall only overcome by prayer.

We are a month now in sixty feet and we have reached this far by prayer. My husband works as the Ugandan base Sixty Feet link, and I work as a nurse. The challenge that I personally have is to be able to love the kids and everybody around, for every patient is a potential soul to be won for Christ. The only confidence I have is that it’s not by might or power but by the spirit of God.