University/Trade School Children

Many children we encounter are ready for University studies or a trade school.


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The older children leaving the prisons have completed their studies and need either a trade skill or university studies to return to their community and have a positive impact. If these children meet the vulnerability requirements we will access the best option for them and provide for their studies.

mercy-bioMercy is a great example of a university student. She is studying fashion design and has a heart and passion for God.

When Mercy was 14 years old she was abused by a family member and kicked out of her home. She was found on the street by a pregnant woman who took her to a facility we serve in under the care and protection program.

After 3 weeks Sixty Feet workers began to understand more about Mercy and her circumstances.

Mercy says “After a week l was taken away from that prison to a very comfortable home. I was given clothes, food, school fees, shelter, medications, love and most importantly Sixty Feet showed me that God loves me so much even when everyone else doesn’t. I was given a shoulder to cry on which l never had before.

Sixty feet has done so much for the children of Uganda without hesitation.”