Medical Care

You’ve heard the saying “If you have your health, you have everything.” That’s never more true than in Uganda.

Personal health and well-being has a domino effect. Many people do not notice this because their own health care services and delivery are excellent. But here in Uganda, you get sick easier and stay sick longer. Most children have limited access to health care. And so if you’re sick you don’t go to school, you don’t work, you can’t take care of your family, and your life comes to a standstill. That’s why Sixty Feet’s medical care program is a core element of what we do.

Children that are sick can’t stay in school, can’t attend our discipleship and counseling classes, and can’t learn. And simple illnesses that are untreated can lead to complicated problems if unchecked. Sixty Feet provides weekly mobile health clinics and health care services and provides access to hospitals and specialists for serious health concerns. Last year we delivered over 4300 medical treatments, administered over 1900 HIV Aids tests, and referred and paid for over 400 children to receive specialist care including surgeries and advanced treatments.