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Summit VII


Next week, some members of the SixtyFeet team will be attending the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ annual Summit. This event has become a national hub for Christians who are committed to adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives rooted in the local church.

Our team is excited to attend this year’s event and we are thrilled to have several of the SixtyFeet wives helping with the Pre-Summit event for adoptive moms. If you are considering attending either the Summit or the Pre-Summit event, please let us know – we’d love to talk with you while we’re there!

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Two Showings of Bereaved This Week


Do you live in Jackson, MS or Phoenix, AZ?! Please join us for a viewing of Bereaved.

Thursday, April 14 – Jackson, MS area
7 PM
Pinelake Madison/Ridgeland Church Office
601 Crescent Blvd, Suite 101
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Any questions? Email Alison Schmelzer at [email protected]

Friday, April 15 – Phoenix, AZ area
7 PM
Gilbert Christian High School
3632 E. Jasper Dr.
Gilbert, AZ
Any questions? Email Christen Fortner at [email protected]

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Meet: Jacqee

A few years ago Jacqee and her brother were collected off the street and dumped at “M”.  Their mother knew they might end up here so she made the long journey by foot to look for them.  Most likely she tracked them down because they earn her living, not because she loves them so terribly much.  Upon finding them, she elected only to take one child back to the streets with her.  She pointed to the son and off they went, walking back towards Kampala, leaving this poor girl to realize she’d been left for good.  Natalie saw it happen and said Jacqee wailed and sobbed for hours.  Jacqee is one  kid Natalie’s taken in and she takes special care to love on her every time she goes and she personally pays her school fees.  Jacqee was old enough to understand what had happened.

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Meet: Peter

This is Peter. He is 11 years old. He was left there by his grandmother for not doing his chores… who knows where his parents are. He tried to hang himself during his first week if that is any indication to you his quality of life.

Peter is still not allowed a shirt because they fear he’ll run away.  Newcomers are forced to live on the compound without clothes so that they are less likely to escape.  It would be shameful to run through the villages naked and the locals are aware of a reward for returning naked kids to “M”.

A life on the streets is better than one in this dreadful place.

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Meet: Little Museveni

Here is little Museveni, named by the other boys after the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.  He was so sick recently he couldn’t hold down the milk he was given.   Somehow this picture makes him look cleaner and healthier than he was.  We asked ourselves the same thing you are probably wondering: “How can he even smile in the midst of his ongoing misery?”

Such is the life at “M”.