Special Needs Children

School is totally out of reach for many children in Uganda.


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It can cost HALF a family’s monthly income to put one child in school. The cost for a special needs child is even greater. Often resulting in no effort being made.

james-bioJames is an example of what we often see with special needs children. James was admitted to a facility we serve in 2006 as a missing child.

He had been abandoned in a taxi park. He was diagnosed as mentally retarded and showed symptoms of epilepsy.

Sixty Feet stepped in and began working with James. We conducted a special needs assessment, and then he was enrolled in a special needs school.

James has grown to be able to feed himself with moderate assistance, he now communicates with familiar people. He expresses both positive and negative emotions.

James has grown so much because of the care, love and support he has received from Sixty Feet and the child development program.