1. Employer Matching– Many companies offer a way to give a portion of your regular paycheck directly to the cause of your choice and many will even match your gift dollar for dollar. Check with your benefits department or human resources advisor to see if your company offers a way to give directly from your paycheck. And don’t forget to ask about their matching gift program! It could be a simple way to double what Sixty Feet receives.

2. Stock – Sixty Feet accepts gifts of common stock. We have a brokerage account with Raymond James and you can transfer the stock directly to our account with the following details:

Raymond James
DTC # 0725
Acct # 27528220
Sixty Feet, Inc

3. Family Foundation – Some people prefer to give through a personal or family foundation such as National Christian Foundation. There are many advantages to giving in this way and you should speak with your financial advisor about whether this is a good option for you. Check out NationalChristian.com for more details.

4. Gifts In Kind – We also accept gifts of computer hardware, software, office equipment and personal electronic devices. If you have any cell phones cluttering your junk drawer in the office or kitchen, send them to us. We would be happy to send you an in-kind gift receipt for the full market value and they will be very useful for us. For example, here’s a phone that we have taken with us to Uganda at the very least 25 times over the past 3 years.


We call it “The Silver iPhone” and it still works and the screen isn’t even cracked, but the display is starting to blank out in several places making it difficult to read and it may be on it’s last trip here soon. If you have another one like this lying about that isn’t being used, consider sending it to us and we’ll give you a gift receipt to use for your taxes.

5. Online Purchases: – Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know that with no additional charge to you, that you can purchase AND donate to Sixty Feet? Simply follow the link below to use Amazon Smile, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

Sixty Feet

Other great stuff that may no longer be useful to you but very useful to us:

    Phones – iPhone, Blackberry, flip-phones (anything that accepts a SIM card)
    Tablets – iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook
    Laptops – Windows, Mac or anything in between

By using these functional, recycled devices, it limits the amount of equipment and hardware that Sixty Feet needs to purchase therefore saving us money. It is also better for the environment, so it’s a double win. Even if the device you want to send isn’t working, we might be able to use it for parts. If nothing is left to salvage, we have an equipment recycler that will take the precious metals out of it and dispose of it properly. If in doubt, send it in.

Send any hardware or electronics to:

2451 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 3526
Atlanta, GA 30339

If you live in the Atlanta area, email GiftPickup@SixtyFeet.org and we’ll arrange to have someone pick up your stuff.