The Cupcake Kids

Little people…with big hearts for God and the imprisoned children of Uganda. They may look small, but these little people represent the fundraising arm of SixtyFeet.

Around here we don’t like to do things the typical way. We like to leave room for God to work. Here’s our story…

In the early spring of 2010, a little 6 year old girl and her 4 year old brother asked their parents how they could help the children of Uganda. They asked their parents if they could sell some cupcakes and lemonade on their street corner one Saturday afternoon and give all the money to SixtyFeet. And The Cupcake Kids were born.

The first Cupcake Kids sale was held at a home in Atlanta in March 2010. The moms and kids made some cute cupcakes and stirred some lemonade and that was about it. The parents told their children they would match all the money they raised and gladly give it all to SixtyFeet – thinking they’d raise about $50 or so.

Little did the parents know, the children would be selling cups of lemonade for $25 and cupcakes for $20!! That morning, the kids raised $260!

After that word spread very quickly and folks around the country were asking if they could help host a Cupcake Sale in their own neighborhoods. The next weekend there were sales all over Georgia and in several other states. An anonymous matching donor stepped up and we raised over $10,000 that weekend.

Since then, The Cupcake Kids have made many special appearances and each time they have been awed by the faithfulness of God! If your children have big hearts for Africa, we pray they’ll join our team.

Visit The Cupcake Kids website for more information on the National Cupcake Kids Sale this Spring.