Primary and Secondary School Children

These children have often missed or fallen behind in their studies.


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It’s not uncommon for us to see children who are 13 or 14 years old and are only educated at the primary level.

Emmanuel is a great example of this. He never dreamed that one day he’d be able to go to school. School seemed a million miles away from his harsh life on the streets of Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

emma-bioLike thousands of street kids in Kampala, Emmanuel worked from dawn to dusk to scrape together a few shillings to buy food. He carried a scale – offering to weigh people in return for 200 shillings (about a nickel). But things spiraled out of control when 12-year-old Emmanuel was caught up in a police “sweep” of boys and girls living and begging on the streets.

He was sentenced to six months’ detention at the children’s prison. In the prison, Emmanuel received care and Bible-based counseling from SixtyFeet. The lessons he learned from our counselors made a big impact on him.
On his release, Emmanuel returned home determined to go to school. SixtyFeet followed up with Emmanuel and decided his unstable home life put him at risk of returning to the streets. That’s when he was enrolled in our child development program. Emmanuel couldn’t believe that someone in America would care enough about him to help with his school fees.

Today, Emmanuel is 16 and he’s been in school consistently for three years – thanks to the child development program. His life on the streets left him lagging behind his peers academically, but he’s working hard to catch up. He’s even persuaded a friend to leave the streets behind and get back in school. “My dream is to be an engineer,” Emmanuel says.