Family Reintegration

An intact family is a key indicator in escaping extreme poverty.

Family take care of one other and provide for each other – both materially and emotionally. But what happens when you are a child and you have lost your family through sickness and death? Or you’ve been abandoned? Or your family breaks apart?

This is the reality of many of the children we serve in the national prison and remand homes. And it drives many children to the streets, sleeping in cardboard boxes, begging, searching for scraps, and stealing to survive. Many children on the streets end up in the criminal justice system, transported to the children’s prison and remand centers.

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Sixty Feet works with individual children in the justice system to prepare them to return home to their families whenever possible. We provide extensive counseling – group sessions and one-on-one – for children in the prison and remand centers, using a Bible-based curriculum. We trace for each child’s family so that our Ugandan social workers can meet with parents, uncles and aunts, and village leaders to pave the way for a successful return home. We escort children home and sit down with their parents or closest family members and village leaders to discuss expectations and next steps forward. Finally, we monitor progress through follow-up visits to ensure every resettled child is happy, healthy and thriving.