For most people in the U.S. a new year brings resolutions, intentional life changes and a desire to have a better year than the last. For students in school it signals the last half of the year, often students in the U.S. are half way through their school year and have a pretty good idea of how they are progressing. However in Uganda, the school year is just kicking off. There are three terms that run throughout the year with shorter breaks than in the U.S.

Candidate Student

Most students have moved up to their next grade level and know where they currently stand, however many enter into the candidate stage. This means they are at a grade level where they must perform well to move up. This includes students looking to progress from primary to secondary school, or secondary school to university, next year. A candidate must keep rigorous study habits throughout the year. They take multiple national exams that they must pass in order to advance in school. They study in class and on their own time from dawn until dusk with some schools even requiring them to attend on the weekends (if not a boarding school, this is illegal in Uganda.) On average, a candidate spends more time studying than sleeping so they average about five hours of sleep at most. In boarding schools, they are required to stop all sports and only focus on their books. They are given exams every week in order to track their progress. The candidates work incredibly hard and often do not break for holidays.

School in Uganda

IMG_3443School in Uganda is not free. For a child to attend any school they must pay tuition and bring their own requirements. We provide everything a child in our program needs to attend school. We provide housing allowance if they attend boarding school, requirements, tuition, medical fees, meals, academic trips or seminars and exams. If the family can afford some aspects of the financial burden we work with them to add to theirs and make up the difference. The work is astounding and thanks to generous donors we are able to consistently allow these students to attend school. But we are often relying on a large donation to be able to provide for the next term. We would love it if all our children were sponsored and we could focus those large unexpected donations to another amazing aspect of our ministry. Would you sign up today to sponsor a child? Half sponsorship is $38 a month and full sponsorships are $76 a month click here to learn more

As Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”