This month marks the 5th anniversary of Sixty Feet.

We thought we would take a moment to look back and remind ourselves of all the great things God has done and allowed all of us to be a part of.

When we first set foot inside M1 five years ago, we had no idea what to expect or what we were getting ourselves into. We knew it was a place overflowing with needs, but were uncertain how to address them. One thing we were sure of was that God was calling us to step out in faith and respond. Here’s a post I wrote 5 years ago regarding the urgency that we felt:

After that first visit in 2010, and many, many more, we knew God was up to something big. Over these last 5 years, he has been more than faithful and has provided more than we could have ever asked or imagined. We are confident he will continue for many years to come.

Here are just a few of the highlights of his faithfulness from the past 5 years.

We learned that M1 was not the only facility where children were held, but merely the hub in a system fed by numerous remand facilities all over the country. Our scope dramatically increased.

A six-year-old started in order to raise more money and awareness for Sixty Feet.

Our team in Uganda began to grow and our services to the children expanded to where we are today with 50+ Ugandan staff providing Medical Care, Counseling, Justice, Education and above all else, the Gospel is preached. These 5 areas have become the pillars of Sixty Feet.

We formed a partnership with our friends at Pepperdine Univ. School of Law in order to help children get released from prison faster and it has sped up the juvenile justice process in the country of Uganda for everyone. More details here:

Our counselors developed a curriculum for children who were due to be released to help prepare them for their return home. This program has proven very successful and we have seen several cases where kids not only reintegrate well with their families, but they also helped some of their friends reconcile relationships with their families using principles learned in the month-long course. You can read his story here:

Hundreds of children have been successfully reunited with family through the Homeward Bound resettlement program. The direct result of this program resulted in a drastic reduction in the population of the prisons. Read more about Homeward Bound here:

General health and hygiene have been improved through regular medical attention, health and hygiene awareness workshops, repairs and refurbishments to the facilities, and the regular delivery of soap and washing supplies by Sixty Feet.

Dozens of kids are now in school because of your generous sponsorship. If you want to help in this area, click here:

It has been, and continues to be an incredible journey. We especially are grateful to all of the prayers you have offered on our behalf and the generous donations you have given over the years. In honor of our 5th anniversary, would you consider a gift of just $5? If you can give more, Awesome! You can give online here:

We are hopeful to raise an additional $60,000 by June 1. This money will enable us to continue to intervene when most needed – whether it’s providing emergency medical services, food and supplies, or help for a special needs child.

Whether you can give $5 (or $500), would you also commit to praying for Sixty Feet for the next 5 days? We need your prayers.

The goal of Sixty Feet is to provide hope and restoration in Jesus’ name, and with your continued help, we can!

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