Time for a quiz. Here’s how it goes. Raise your hand if you have 10 or more children. Ok. Keep your hand raised if you have 10 or more children that are not your biological children but you are caring for them as your own nonetheless. Alright. Now, keep your hand raised if you have 10 or more non-biological children you care for as your own and you received an infant who was abandoned by his mother at the police station and the police came to your door asking if you would be willing to care for another.

I don’t see many hands raised…

Should I ask if your husband is a pastor with very little means of income? What about whether you have been abandoned by friends and co-workers because of your radical notions about caring for orphaned children? How about whether you are still praying for God to bring you more children?

Now, for most of us, all of this would be too much. We might have cried “uncle!” at 10 children. Some might even consider these trials as a “sign” that God was telling them it was too much and they need to stop.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because there is one couple remaining, way in the back.  They are too humble to raise their hand.  A woman and her husband who have quietly served God in Uganda for decades and obediently cared for His children no matter what the cost and no matter what their circumstances were.

I have a feeling that this is just scratching the surface too. When we travel around the US talking about SixtyFeet and our work with children in prisons throughout Uganda, we often hear questions like “what is the local church in Uganda doing?” or “what are the Ugandan people doing to help the orphan crisis?” Legitimate questions, but the answer might shock you. The simple answer is that the local church in Uganda and Ugandans in general are doing a lot! Much more than the church in the US, in general, with its vast resources.

Sixty Feet is currently raising money in order to build a home for the youngest and most vulnerable children which we are able to take out of the prisons. Those that have nowhere else to go, we have found a perfect solution for them. I can’t think of a better, more nurturing environment in which to be raised than under the care and guidance of Pastor Ernest, Mama Catherine, Pastor Boaz and Mama Faith. We hope to have the land secured very soon and to begin building early next year. With your help, this can happen.

We are incredibly honored to be able to call Pastor Ernest, Mama Catherine, Pastor Boaz and Mama Faith very dear friends as well as fellow laborers.  They have recently begun traveling with the Sixty Feet team several days each week to visit the children in the prisons and leading some to Christ.

If you ever have the honor to meet our dear friends (and I pray that you do), you will know without a doubt that there are still saints on this earth through whom God has chosen to reveal His love to the least of these.