We have decided to start sharing more of the wonderful emails we receive from our friends and supporters. They are so encouraging to us and, in many cases, just too good not to share with you.  May they bless you as much as they do us. Following is an email we received recently from a woman in New Brunswick:


I thought you should know what the Lord has been up to in the last week since I first contacted you.  I know I’m on the right path because He has taken this farther than I ever imagined.  And that in a week.  As I mentioned in my email, my daughter and I were going to have a cupcake sale.  2 people. 1 sale.

I write Sunday school curriculum for our church and our new church plant.  And as I was praying and working in this I couldn’t help but sense the Lord was asking me to take it to the kids.  So I wrote a Sunday school lesson around Isaiah 58:6-10, the orphans of Uganda and the work of Sixty Feet.  Though I don’t normally teach Sunday school, I taught this lesson yesterday at both churches.

The normally restless, busy class was silent as they listened.  After the lesson I showed a power-point presentation I had made using pictures from the Sixty Feet website.  This made it so real to them. They are all so excited about this summer and how they can help the children of Uganda.  In the lesson I asked them to set a fundraising goal for the summer.  The smaller church class decided on $1,000, and we decided to double that at the larger church.  That’s $3,000.  I traced out the feet of all the kids in the classes, and they are going to be placed on the wall of the stage by next Sunday with the $$ goal marked at the top. Right in front of the church for everyone to see.  As the Lord provides, the kids will color in their feet, showing to the whole church the progress being made toward the goal.

I have been asked to bring Sixty Feet and the children of Uganda to the church next Sunday.  (The congregation will surely be curious about the little feet climbing the wall in front of them!). I’m going to challenge them to blow the $3,000 goal out of the water.  The Lord’s hand is on this.  I will walk where he leads me.  But know that word of the imprisoned orphans in Uganda and the work of Sixty Feet that has touched my heart so deeply is spreading.

The larger church is having its first cupcake sale on May 28th.  We plan to have one a month throughout the summer.  There are other plans in the works for fundraising as well.  The smaller church will have their first sale on either June 4 or 11. From 2 people. 1 sale.  Only the Lord can do that.  I can’t even begin to tell you how humbled, awed, moved, and honestly, afraid (me and public speaking don’t go together very well!) I feel.

When one prays dangerous prayers from the heart, God answers.  I have with all my heart said to my Father in heaven, here I am – use me, put me in over my head and take me out of my comfort zone.  That way I KNOW it’s Him and not me.  He’s answering.

What a big God we serve!  To Him be all the glory.