For the past week, Shelly and Joy (wives of Dan and Scott) have been in Uganda with Nathalie, Werner, Catherine and Ernest. They also had an opportunity to visit “M” and spend a day with the wonderful children there. Here are just a few that they met and fell in love with…

Akim. He’s a bright-eyed, smart 8 year-old boy. He was picked up as a street kid over a year ago. He has a mama… somewhere. Because the children walk around M barefoot, they often get chiggers (little critters that burrow under your skin) and because they continue to walk around barefoot in filth, the chigger sight often becomes infected. That’s what happened to Akim. His big toe has an infected wound 2 inches in diameter. It’s oozing with puss and has flies swarming it. Today, Mama Nathalie removed him from M and took him to the orthopedic hospital for surgery. They are pretty sure they will have to remove his toe.

Flora. She is a beautiful 10 year-old girl from Sudan. Just a few months ago while she was still in Sudan, her father died of HIV and her mother became very sick. So, she walked 3 days to Mpigi to a children’s organization. They took her back to Sudan, but there was no one to care for her (in those three days, her mother died). She turned around once more and walked 3 days into Mpigi where someone picked her up and delivered her to M. She greeted us with the brightest smile and a handful of fried grasshoppers that she prepared herself. Flora’s dream is to one day be a mama to many children.

Colins. He is 16 years old and was brought to M two years ago by his step-mother. In Uganda, often times when the father remarries, the new mother wants to “start fresh” with the family and kicks out the children from the first family. In this case, the step-mother brought Colins to M. Now that the holidays are upon us, the parents have an opportunity to pick up the children and take them home for Christmas. This year, Colin’s father came to pick him up and take him back to their home for the holidays. That night, his father got so drunk he beat Colins severely. Today, he ended up back at M. In fact, he was locked in “The Cell” for the day.

These are just three of the two-hundred or so kids out at M. Mama Nathalie knows each by name, she knows each child’s story and she and loves each one whole-heartedly.

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