Something rather astounding occurred to me recently about prayer and how we pray about things before we do them. As with so many similar things, this occurrence happened by way of my wife enlightening me after it had occurred to her. The context was that we had just moved into a new neighborhood and we were praying about how to meet some of the neighbors. It’s an older neighborhood with some residents having lived there for many decades, so naturally there are a few older couples and widows near us. What my wife realized while praying one day was that she caught herself praying whether or not God would have us get to know the elderly widow across the street. Suddenly it dawned on her that this was not the right prayer at all. Caring for widows and orphans is a command from God right out of the Bible. It’s not even an optional thing.

I feel this applies many times over with the children in Uganda that we are going to serve. There was actually very little prayer on our part as to whether or not we should go. It was a given. The prayers have all been about our protection while we are there and the means to help the children as quickly and completely as possible.

Imagine you were walking down the street and happened upon a house on fire with a woman outside screaming for someone to save her baby trapped inside. You would not drop to your knees and say “Lord, would you have me save this baby today? Is that in your will?” No, you might have time for a quick plea for help from God as you dash inside – hopefully.

That is how this venture feels. We can smell the smoke as the flames get hotter and the situation more and more desperate. We are praying for God to provide what we need while we are on the ground in Uganda and for wisdom in knowing how to proceed. Your prayers for us would also be greatly appreciated.