Uganda has defined 10 categories of the country’s most vulnerable children. Sixty Feet provides services directed at 10 out of 10 categories.

Child-Headed Households

One of the very sad realities at many of the prisons where Sixty Feet works is the percentage of children who are sexually active. What this means, for us, is that we encounter teenage girls who are pregnant. Child-mothers are one of the categories of critically vulnerable children. These are girls who are 14, 15, or 16 years old, living in a prison cell, and pregnant. READ MORE

Children with Disabilities

The staff at Sixty Feet recently had the amazing opportunity to resettle 11 children with disabilities and special needs out of prisons and orphanages and into schools where they will be protected, taught life skills, advocated for, and most importantly, valued and loved. READ MORE

Abandoned Children

Abandonment is not just one of the 10 Categories of #VulnerableChildren identified in Uganda that we help. It is a super complex category that is highly influential of other vulnerabilities. Following the path of children from their homes in Karamoja, an arid region in northeast Uganda, to the streets of Uganda’s largest city, Kampala, then onto M1, is tricky at best. READ MORE

Children with HIV/AIDS

He is one of those children with a smile that’s hard to forget. Beneath his shy and quiet exterior, Sam* (his name has been changed to protect his identity) has a sweet spirit and a gentle kindness that helps him to make a friend everywhere he goes. Sam is more than his circumstances. He is so much more than a child living with HIV. READ MORE

Abused Children

There are approximately 17.1 million children below the age of 18 in Uganda. Of those children, 96% are considered vulnerable and 8.1% are critically vulnerable*. These are the children we work with – the marginalized, the orphaned, the abused, the disabled, and the homeless. As one child stated, they “are not cared for by anyone…” But Sixty Feet is working, day-by-day, to change that. We are working to show them we care, we are working to show them their life has value and purpose. READ MORE

Children Affected By War

Over the last 20 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has brought violence and turmoil to countries throughout central and eastern Africa. As a result, some of the continent’s most vulnerable inhabitants have been terrorized and over 2 million people have been internally displaced causing disruption in the family unit. This includes the country of Uganda. READ MORE

Children in contact with the Law

A large number of the children who are served by Sixty Feet are placed in the remand homes for committing crimes. These juveniles in conflict with the law arrive for many different reasons, ranging from petty theft and disobedience to rape and murder. There are many stories to tell. However, this story stands out. READ MORE

Orphan Rights

The term “orphan” is complicated. Statistically, the majority of children living in orphanages are not orphans; almost all children have at least one living parent. Most kids on the street have families; most of the kids in the prisons have families; the majority of kids at M3 have a family. However, we do serve orphans. Are the majority of children we serve true orphans? No. Are there orphans in our care? Yes. READ MORE