The children sponsored through Sixty Feet’s Child Sponsorship Program attend one of several different schools, depending on their educational needs and career paths. As a result, education expenses fluctuate slightly from child to child. $50 is an approximation of these costs, with some students’ school and living expenses being just lower and some being just higher than $50 per month. Any surplus funds collected from one child’s sponsorship will be allocated to other children while any deficit will be made up by Sixty Feet.

As a result, the administrative costs associated with Sixty Feet’s Child Sponsorship Program are born largely by Sixty Feet with very low overhead. Less than 5% of monthly sponsorship fees are used toward administration of the program, with 95% going directly to the education, housing, medical care, and counseling of children in the program.

All sponsors will receive annual reports and photographs of their sponsored child each July. Sponsors are welcome to send cards, photographs and hand-drawn pictures to Uganda, once per quarter, and a member of our US team will hand deliver these items to the country. Whenever possible, members of our Uganda staff are happy to facilitate email communication between the children we serve and their US sponsors.

During our Christmas and Easter celebrations, each of the children we serve will receive a small gift. At that time, sponsors are welcome to send additional support for their child’s gift and/or for the gift of an unsponsored child. Recommended donation: $5 per child.