Since writing last month about Operation Homeward Bound, our staff in Uganda have been working tirelessly to get kids back home. The long hours and difficult days have been worth the effort. A huge Thank You to everyone who gave to help us get kids back home. Here is an update from Emily – one of the team members responsible for seeing the kids safely back home.

In the past three weeks, we have had the opportunity to resettle 50 children and our list of children to resettle continues to grow and expand each day. Previously, these kids have not been resettled due to lack of funds, transportation, logistical support, and urgency. But by the Lord’s grace, we get to participate in the Lord’s work of redeeming these children and reuniting them with moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends.

As we prepare to resettle children, we meet to discuss their stories…and they are anything but easy. The layers peel back in conversations on concrete floors, holding calloused hands and splintered hearts. These conversations always take me deeper than I knew we could go. Deeper darkness than I knew light could pierce. Honestly, I never grasped how broken our world is before coming to this place. I never witnessed how bruised and tattered a life could be without being destroyed.

We are meeting children in the hard places…step-parents who do not want them, dads who have died while the child was serving a sentence, children who were on the street and cannot find or remember their homes. But the Lord is redeeming lives everyday. We get to show children love, justice, and hope in the darkness. The brokenness runs deep, but so does the Father’s love and His promise of salvation, restoration, and redemption.


For example, look at Henry. Henry got lost in a village parade and ended up in Kampala. He wandered the streets for days until he was picked up by the police and taken to M1. He was one of the kids on the list to resettle, and last Friday we got to take him home. Home to his grandmother who turned her living room into a prayer ceremony, a grandmother who cried tears of joy upon seeing Henry, a grandmother who thought her grandson had died but prayed continuously for his return.

This is a story of hope and redemption; a child that was lost has been found. A child who had no home and no family at M1, is reunited with his family. The long days, the searching for families and relatives, it is worth it, because EVERY child is worth it. Every child is created in the Lord’s image, and we get to show them their worth. We stop and listen to their stories; we show justice, love, and compassion. This is the Lord’s work.

We have approximately 35 more kids to reunite with their families and prayerfully more as the Lord continues to open doors for Sixty Feet to work within the prisons. Would you help us complete the funding for resettling kids? Thank you for partnering with us in showing this justice and love. Thank you for helping to show children who have hard stories filled with brokenness, despair, and hurt that the Lord cares for them, protects them, and loves them.

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Two children happy to finally be home.

A few of the children you helped us reunite with family.