On September 23, 2010, SixtyFeet released our “Bereaved” film for the first time. In some regards, the
film was a bit of a risk – it dealt with difficult and challenging subject matter on a topic that we weren’t
sure would even resonate with the mainline church in America: Imprisoned Children in Africa.

And yet we had traveled to Uganda. We had been to M1 and seen it with our own eyes. We had walked
the halls, held the children and touched the confining, metal bars. We had an obligation to speak up on
behalf of the children we had met and to tell their stories – even if no one would listen.

But to our delight, people did listen. At that first film showing, over 200 people attended. And since
that time, Bereaved has been shown to thousands of people from coast to coast. The film is an original
work, designed to provide a unique view into the world of M1 – the first of the remand homes
that SixtyFeet started working with.

And now, by God’s grace, we’ve had the opportunity to produce a second film – entitled “Beloved.”
This film also provides an insider’s view – into the hearts of the children we work with. Our second film,
directed and produced by Daniel Bashta of Go Motion Worldwide, focuses less on the facilities we work with and more on the individual stories of the children who live there — the “Beloved” children of God. We are sure it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Beloved will premiere in Atlanta on Saturday, February 11th at 7:30pm. This event is open to any and
all friends of the SixtyFeet ministry. Tickets are free but seating is limited. So please make your plans to attend now and reserve tickets here.

We look forward to seeing you on February 11th!