It was a Sunday morning when we set tyres on the road again to head to M4 in Mbale just a day after one of our staff Fred the counselor was introduced to Jessica – one of the nurses on board with Sixty Feet. Our hearts were full of joy for them. I asked God to move in the situation and touch the hearts of the kids. Some who attended the marriage ceremony preferred to get back to Kampala with pastor Ernest and Mama Catherine. Thank God they were able to get back though as our plan with pastor Ernest was to take him to a night bus which leaves Mbale at midnight and by morning he would be in Entebbe. Glory, all things work for those who love the Lord. They arrived home just in time to take a very sick child to the hospital who otherwise may have died had they waited to take the bus.

We were all very tired and I knew that Fred would not be able to preach to the kids and my back was hurting. I told God in all things we give thanks to the lord and move forward. This time we said we have already made appointments with this facilities on this Sunday so we must go there otherwise we risk them taking our appointments for granted.

The gates of the remand home were opened for us as I honked the car horn. This time the kids were not in the upper room but were seated neatly in the small hall next to the office in the ground floor, “welcome uncle’ one of the kids whispered in a still small voice as if it was an angel of God speaking. It is normally my habit and the team caught up with the culture to pray whenever I set foot to any place. Immediately I begun to pray and we were led into the office. The boys helped us to us carry the Bibles into the hall.

Immediately I set my feet into the hall I remembered the prayers which were said when we prayed for the kids when the last team was in Mbale with Judd Harper “Lord, open doors for your children” and only to turn around to that out of 53 (fifty three) children who were in the prison there only 26 (twenty six) children in there. Glory to God I said as I looked down in awe of Him who made this possible for the doors to be open for those who left the facilities and are now either in their homes or somewhere else but at least not the remand home where the future is not predictable in the law courts, mixed with the fear and wonder whether they would get to the courts of law so soon.

The beauty of the Gospel is that out of 26 children, all of them asked for the Bibles and they received them in three languages (English, Ateso and Lumasaba) above all, 20 of them gave their life to Christ! I am sure the angels in heaven rejoiced with me, please join in the joy and just say hallelujah to God. And thanks to the people who gave the money for the Bibles and even the team which came with Judd for carrying the money to Uganda and delivering it for the course of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its amazing we led the children into confession and ushered them into salvation in four languages – Fred led in English and Ateso while I led in Luganda and Karamojong . Beautiful.