“This is her home, we are her family” said the 80 year old man. They were words filled with love and as he spoke about his great niece, sweet Anita, he blinked back tears.


Last week Anita was released from M2. We were able to get in contact with a cousin of hers who filled us in on more of her story. Her “stepmom” that she had told us about was actually her uncle’s wife. It is true that she despised Anita, mostly out of jealousy, and treated her in unimaginable ways.

Anita’s great aunt and uncle, who she considers her grandparents, knew about the situation and were very concerned. They convinced the uncle and his wife to put Anita in boarding school and to let her stay with them on the holidays. This way, she would be protected from any harm and receive a good education.

It wasn’t long however, before the wife pulled Anita out of school, abused her, and eventually had her taken to M2. The wife told Anita that she had been disowned by the rest of her family and convinced her that she was all alone.

As we drove up the long windy road to her grandparents home last week, Anita pointed out the window, “That’s our garden.” With a smile on her face she listed off the names of their cows as we drove by. Her grandparents greeted us all with warm smiles and gracious hospitality.

Thinking Anita had been at boarding school this whole time, her grandparents were quite upset to find out what had happened but so thankful that she had been brought to them. As we sat drinking tea, they talked about what a bright girl Anita is, how she has been given many gifts by the Creator and how they believe she has a great future ahead of her. They are committed to seeing her achieve her dreams and through partnership with Sixty Feet, plans are underway to make that happen.


Only God could orchestrate the beautiful reunion of a child who thought she had been abandoned and a family that had loved her all along. Only God could turn sorrow into dancing and make beauty from ashes in the life of Anita. Only God could, and it was only our God who did.