Right up front can we just say you people rock!  When we announced the Awareness Tour we didn’t expect many people to comment.  Maybe 20 or so but certainly not over 250 votes.  So it looks like we’re hitting the road.  We can’t wait to meet you all.

After the official vote count which was then certified by a nationally recognized accounting firm, the cities that received the most votes are:

1.  Grand Forks, North Dakota (94 votes)

2.  Doaktown, New Brunswick (49 votes)

3.  Malakoff, Texas (46 votes)

4.  Lubbock, Texas (25 votes)

We know we said only the top 3, but we also said we like enthusiasm and there were some serious enthusiastic voters.  Valerie, we’re coming to see you!

All we can say is thank  you!  Thank you for your passion.  Thank you for your heart to share the gospel and care for imprisoned orphans.  Thank you for wanting to stretch yourselves beyond the confines of modern Christianity.  Thank you for standing out in your community of faith and speaking up for those who have no voice.

We love sharing the mission of SixtyFeet so this is truly an honor for us.  We have been overwhelmed by the feedback, and pray that what you see and hear during the showings will inform you more about our mission but also transform hearts for the sake of the Kingdom.

So now what?  Someone from the SixtyFeet team will be reaching out to the main contact in each of these locations.  If there is somone in each location that we should contact to coordinate the showing please email us at info@SixtyFeet.org.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  And Birmingham, Athens, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Dallas, Beverly Hills, Tulsa, Rochester, Orlando, Raleigh, and Knoxville – we want to come see you soon too.