With the crisp air of fall right around the corner and school back in full swing, SixtyFeet has begun to turn its attention to the end of the year and finishing well in 2011.  A few weeks ago we gathered as a team for our semi-annual board retreat.  One thing that came out of it was a desire to be more intentional about raising awareness for the children we serve and the ministry itself.

We also realized that many people following SixtyFeet may not know that we have a film called “Bereaved”.  A 30 minute piece depicting a day in the life at “M.” If you’ve never been to Uganda, this film will briefly take you there and give you a picture of what it’s like to be at “M” while also providing a taste of the hope that is being brought there through SixtyFeet.

If we haven’t already, we would love to come and share the film with your church or small group and spend some time together.  We have had the opportunity to travel from coast to coast sharing with groups ranging in size from 20 to 250. These are great opportunities for us to fellowship with believers who share a heart for the orphans in Africa, as well as for your group to learn more about SixtyFeet and the imprisoned children of Uganda.

Regardless of where you live, if you’re passionate about orphans and imprisoned children we want to meet you.  So here’s the plan.  You tell us where you think we should go.  Vote for the place you think SixtyFeet should visit by putting your city in the comments below.  Before the end of the year, we will plan to visit the 3 most-commented cities.

We will provide invitations to send your congregation or small group – all you have to do is make sure the word gets out. We have no expectations.  We are simply thankful for the opportunity to share the ministry and our heart with others and we know God will take care of the rest.

So, now what?  Spread the word to your friends, partner up with folks from a nearby Church. We will announce the three cities in one week, on September 6, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Terms & Conditions:

1.  Votes with enthusiasm count twice. Ok, not really, but we do like enthusiasm.

2.  Atlanta metro area excluded.  If you’re in and around Atlanta we’ll come visit you anytime!

3.  Canada is included.  You know we love you guys up there!!