“There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?”  John 6:9

We received the following email this morning.  It pretty much says it all.


Eleven weeks ago, the Lord began this journey.  We set a goal. He brought it to fulfillment this past Monday. I rolled the coin, counted the funds gathered from the festivities of the weekend.  Tallied it with the rest. He did it. And I stand in awe and give thanks.  For it all.

For one roadside cupcake stand. For one daughter with a heart for children in despair. For Sunday school cupcake kids. For unending love, unfathomable grace, unbelievable mercy.  For a cupcake parade float covered in glitter and cotton baton icing and lights. For so many bakers of cupcakes. For so many hands, working together, guided unknowingly by the sovereign hand of God.  For who He is.  For a light shining just a little brighter on a dark prison in the dust of Uganda.

So small the offering. So great the need.  Like a drop in a vast ocean, a grain of sand on a meandering seashore. Hopeless.  Such was the offering of the boy – five small loaves, two small fish, 5,000 mouths to feed.  But he gave them to Jesus anyway. Willingly.  Probably timidly, knowing this small basket would never feed all these people. So small the offering. So great the need.  Jesus took the offering, gave thanks and we all know the end.  Leftovers.

Five cupcake sales, one cupcake glitter parade float, one coin drive, many small offerings. On their own, seemingly insignificant. Offered in faith, multiplied.

So here is our offering.  Offered willingly. Wholeheartedly. Offered in love, sprinkled with the faith of some small children. And a little glitter. May Jesus multiply it in the heavenly realms to bring more life, more hope, more restoration, in His great Name, to the imprisoned children in a dry and dusty, sun-scorched land called Africa.

Praying that this is not the end.  He was at work in so many ways through this, you can’t even imagine.