An update from the SixtyFeet team in Uganda:

With Fred Kakungulu joining our Ugandan team about one month ago, we have experienced a twist in our operations whereby the counselor speaks to the children one on one. The children confide in him and reveal deep secrets of their lives. In that, he was able to discover a girl whose plan was to commit suicide on the day she will be released. For now, he asked me not to take pictures of the session so that the children gain trust and confidence in him. So far group counseling has [not] taken root though the most efficient approach is one to one counseling.

We had one of the members of the Visiting Orphans team (a counselor by profession) joining Fred in one of the sessions. Her report about the session was wonderful giving me a picture of exactly what we needed to achieve. Fred has successfully counseled 15 – 11 from M and 4 from M2. It is important to note that sessions for some of the kids are still going on and we encourage children to go for counseling for sure time will come when many will open up and take on counseling seriously.

Meanwhile the gospel of Jesus Christ is being passed on to the children which is the biggest reason as to why we are in this facilities. Glory to God for the gospel.

We also have one of the Cornerstone students who is doing an internship in these facilities and this has really helped in one way or the other. He is facilitated by the Cornerstone internship program so we do not incur any costs on him except giving him a lift whenever we go to the field. He has also counseled a number of children up to 4.

The grace of God has provided us with a new nurse on the team – Lucy Adong. Indeed, without a God fearing team I am sure our work will be in vain. Her arrival has also boosted the fellowship at the facilities since her gift of singing makes her unique in the team. As far as nursing is concerned she has really fit in with the love of her profession. If you asked her if she would have preferred another profession to nursing the answer is definitely a big NO.

So far there have been [the following] cases of sickness treated:

  • M – 412,
  • M2 – 411
  • M3 – 126
  • This make the total visits of patients to be 949 cases. We still have a challenge of the kids who are epileptic at M2. There are 9 children with such conditions at the centre and 1 such case at M.

    We had a case which was complex for the nurses to handle last week on Wednesday and who was eventually rushed to the hospital. This involved a child at M2who attempted suicide by breaking pieces of razor blades into his food and was eating it to die. By God’s grace his friends saw the food with razor particles as he had just begun eating. Thank God he is okay he had not taken them as the hospital proved no metallic particles in his stomach. This is a point of entry for the counselor now.

    Meanwhile the girls of M received a second batch of sanitary towels some of them were Karamojong who are now already in transit back to Karamoja. These were some of the towels which Garry and Scott left behind, after distributing them to the girls we kept the balance and now it has found use again. Also the sandals which Scott and Garry left behind were given to the children – one can really see the joy in the hearts of the kids.

    We thank God that he has been able to provide for the children through Sixty Feet’s partners and friends. Kids in M4 got 30 blankets from Sixty Feet, sandals and 2 footballs(soccer) and a pump , 2 chase boards and cards. Some of the things were given by the Visiting Orphans team. We have also been able to deliver some items to Pastor Ernest and Boaz including bedsheets, blankets, six double decker beds and some money to purchase food.


    We receive regular updates from the team in Uganda and wanted to share this most recent update. Please pray for their work. As you can see, the work is extensive but progressing by God’s grace. Ultimately, we pray for the children to know Jesus and the power of the Gospel, but we also pray that the Kingdom of God would be manifested in their lives now as we minister to them in His name.