In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

It is hard to believe Sixty Feet began a year ago this month. What an awesome year it has been – glorious, overwhelming and tearful.  We’ve experienced joy like never before. We’ve laughed and wept. God has stretched us beyond our imagination, and strengthened us in ways we never knew possible.  It’s exactly what we prayed for – more of Him!  After experiencing Him, you can’t help but want more.

Lately, we’ve been getting more comments from friends and family about “balance.”  People have suggested that maybe we’re taking this a little too far.  I mean we all have families, careers, responsibilities.  There’s no need to get out of hand here.  A trip or two to Africa is one thing, but now it’s starting to interfere with…. life.

Really?  I didn’t realize Jesus wasn’t supposed to disrupt our lives.  Is He supposed to just blend in where it’s convenient?  I thought He was transformative and made all things new (including me).

We don’t expect our lives to make sense to people who don’t know Him.  The cross is foolishness to the world.  Unfortunately, we’ve learned that our lives don’t make sense to some who do know Him!  Apparently, there is no shortage of people (family, churchgoers and, sadly, pastors included) willing to discourage you from stepping out in faith to fulfill God’s call on your life.

It’s sad but, for most of society, the culture influences our lives and our Christian walk more than Biblical truth. Once you deviate from the cultural norm, you better brace yourself.  We deviated a long time ago.  The question is will we stay the course.

The beauty of all this is Christ and the Good News.  His promises are true and we hold fast to them.  Family and friends may be uncomfortable with what we do, but we choose Jesus.  We’d rather be found in Him and embrace the abundant life He offers than seek the approval of man.  How could we do anything else after what He’s done for us?

Jesus said,“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62. Our hands are firmly set on the plow. We know our lives will never be the same.  Frankly, we pray they never will be.