Some of you may know that during our last visit we went to a small village in eastern Uganda to obtain permission from a family to remove a child from M and take her to a home where she can be cared for and educated.  Our post “Too Good Not To Share” talked about part of that visit.  By God’s grace we were able to share the Gospel with local villagers in an amazing way.

However, I must confess that on our way out there, my heart was anxious and frustrated.  The distance was pretty long, the roads were really bad, I was tired, and there were a lot of things on our “to do” list for that afternoon.  We didn’t even know where the family lived.  We had to track them down by locating the girl’s sister at a school, and she then took us to her home.

As we approached the home, I was wondering if we could talk real quick and then get on our way.  Maybe it would only take a few minutes.  Shame on me!

As we walked up many villagers started to approach us.  I don’t think they see many cars around there so we clearly attracted some attention on our way in.  The grandmother was sitting on the ground shaving Cassava (a root that is dried and ground up into a fine flour for cooking).  The young girl’s mother was locked in a nearby room with bars on the windows.  We were told she had gone insane and was violent, and while we were there she was screaming wildly from the room.  Her cries were so painful to hear.

As we approached the grandmother, I knew this was a divine appointment, and I needed to step aside and get out of the way of something God was about to do.  So I relaxed and reveled in a moment of God’s power and mercy.

We told the grandmother why we were there and that we wanted to help her granddaughter.  The grandmother said she hadn’t slept or eaten since the girl had left.  Because of her poverty, the grandmother had to give the girl up to another woman who could care for her.  After she was taken to Kampala, the girl was lost and ultimately picked up and brought to M from the streets.

The grandmother absolutely rejoiced to know that the little girl was ok and gave us permission to take her to a home where she can be cared for.  She only asked if we could bring the little girl to her so she could see her once again.  She just wanted to be reunited with her and  hold her granddaughter one more time.  We told her she’d see her the following week!

Since I didn’t understand the language, I turned to Moses and asked, “Can we tell them why we are truly here?”  Moses smiled.  I’ll never forget that smile.  It was one of those affirming smiles, as if to say “I’m with you brother!”

He then proceeded to share the Gospel with them and invited them to receive Christ.  There must have been 20 or more villagers there (old and young) who heard the Gospel that day and who saw a tangible expression of God’s love for them.  Praise God!!!!  We then prayed for the village, the girl and her family, and for her mother to be healed.

Unfortunately, I was too consumed with my scheduling and plans to see that God was up to something miraculous.  What a privilege to have witnessed it.  Lesson learned!

If I ever needed a reminder Who runs this ministry that was it.  I could never have envisioned that encounter.  He did and it was awesome!  I just need to set aside my plans and agenda, be faithful to the calling, and get out of His way.  He’ll take care of the rest.

Update:  The little girl was reunited with her grandmother this week and is with her now.  Moses will return to pick her up and take her to a home where she will be cared for and receive an education.