A friend contacted us a few weeks ago and asked how he could help the children. He had an interesting idea for pulling together some funds to provide for the children and wanted to make sure it went to an urgent need. I told him how we had recently received permission to operate in another facility where not many other people were helping to support. This facility housed a number of children that were forced to sit inside, locked up, because the person that looked after them had another job during the day. They also had no mattresses and were forced to sleep on mats on the cold concrete floor night after night.

Our friend decided that this was where he wanted to focus his idea. This idea involved his birthday and asking his friends to give to Sixty Feet rather than buy him a gift. We thought this was a novel idea, but just how many gifts does one person expect for their birthday? Little did we know just how many friends this guy had. And generous ones at that. Check out the pictures below of what his friends gave him for his birthday.

Enough mattresses and blankets for all, plus pots and pans for cooking, plates and utensils for meals and other very needed items. Items we consider essential but which these kids had been praying for earnestly.