Justice was a young boy who had strayed from his family.  He was living on the streets and was stealing to survive. His father was concerned for him and approached the local authorities who told him to take Justice to “M2” for rehabilitation.

On his second day there, he and the other children of “M2” were taken to a farm for hard labor.  Not being used to this type of work, Justice wasn’t pulling his weight so the other children were instructed to teach him a lesson.  They beat him until he was unconscious and then began to bury him alive.  Several witnesses alerted the local authorities, who came and exhumed him.  Justice was then returned to “M2”.

The next day the children returned to the farm.  Justice was beaten again and died as a result, only three days after he arrived at “M2”.*

It’s impossible to comprehend this tragedy.  The sad reality is that “M2” is another facility where children are imprisoned in unfathomable conditions.  What makes it more difficult is that “M2” is relatively far from the city so it is not attended to by many charitable organizations (commonly called NGOs or Non-Government Organizations).  Moses was able to visit “M2” this past week.  He has visited 5 of the 6 facilities and here is a brief summary of his assessment:

“There is only one administrator in the facility, and the conditions are bad.  There is no toilet in the rooms.  The number of children fluctuates.  Last year the place had 30 children but today they have 16 with only six mattresses and one papyrus matt.  At any time, there will be an increase in the number of children.  For sure this has been the most horrible situation I have met.  Inside is a small room with bad smell from stagnant urine.  At night, they use this as the bathroom with a half way cut 20 liter jar as their toilet to collect the feces and urine and then pour it in the morning in the latrine.”

As with “M”, our prayer for “M2” is that we can proclaim the Gospel both in word and in tangible ways to these children.  Initially, we hope to provide relief such as food, water, medical care, clothing, and bedding.  We also hope to minister to them by providing infrastructure support for “M2” as well as counseling for the children.  Please pray for the children of “M2” and other children throughout the country who daily suffer under these conditions.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.  Luke 10:2.

* The portion of this post about Justice and his story were derived from an article about this tragedy.  If you are interested in reading more about Justice and this particular facility please let us know.