It has been a hectic seven days.  Three great encore showings of Bereaved across the country from Atlanta to California to Texas, followed by our fourth launch of a Sixty Feet team to Kampala this afternoon.  If there weren’t so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to we would probably be tired.  Instead we’re energized.  It’s hard to grow weary when God is moving!

We are so grateful for the wonderful groups across the country that are willing to host and view the film. The brothers and sisters in Christ that we have had the privilege of meeting are every bit as inspiring to us as the film may be to them.  We are praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to prick all of our hearts more and more with the cares of our Lord.  That we will go forth to minister to the widow and the orphan, to proclaim the good news, and bind the wounds of the brokenhearted.

This week quite appropriately ended on Orphan Sunday.  A day to remember that as followers of Jesus we have a high calling to stand for the orphan and those who suffer injustice.  In God’s kingdom, the poor are not marginalized or cast aside as unimportant.  They bear the image of the Creator.  Deeply loved by their heavenly Father, possessing dignity and deserving of love and respect.

The world may have a different message, but we do not follow the ways of this world.  Our King is risen and He calls us to a life of service and sacrifice.  We pray that His people would overcome the apathy of this world towards the poor and step forward in great measures of faith to minister to them.  After the encore showings this week, we know that many of them are doing just that.

Please be sure to check back this week as we provide regular updates on the team’s visit.

*The title for this post comes from the December issue of TableTalk which is devoted to mercy ministry in word and deed.