One of our hopes and dreams for the most vulnerable of the children at “M” has always been to take them out to a safe, loving place. If you have seen “Bereaved”, you have heard Nathalie mention a couple of different times how she wants to take them out “because they just don’t belong there”. This dream was thought to be something that would be for the far off future – partly because we knew it would require a lot of money but mostly because we are human and lack the faith that we wish we had.

Well, despite our measly faith, God has decided to move forward on our behalf and things are coming together very quickly so that we will have this dreamed about and prayed for home sooner rather than later. A friend who has seen the love that Nathalie has for the children has decided to give a large portion of land in a very desirable location so that a home can be built. You can imagine from the photos below just how beautiful this place will be.

What now?

As you probably guessed, money is needed. There are a couple of structures on the property which can be converted into usable buildings. Nathalie and Werner have also already raised a portion of the necessary funds from their friends in Belgium. We are trying to quickly pull together the remaining amount of $30,000 USD that is needed in order to build 2 homes for the wonderful families that will be living on the property and taking care of the children, as well as building a dormitory where the children will sleep. This money will also provide the beds, bedding and furniture that is needed. There will no doubt be more that is required in the future, but we are praying that you might consider making a donation today so that we can get this project completed before the end of the year. You can donate quickly via credit card using the link to Donate on the right, or follow the instructions for mailing a check to us from this page.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about this project, email us at and we will respond with whatever you would like to know.