One of the things I love to do is to listen in while my son (not quite 5 years old) is singing in the shower. I can hear him clearly throughout most of the house but it’s fun to put my ear to the door and hear him just belting it out. I enjoy it partly for the complete lack of care what others might think, although I am not certain he is aware we can all hear him. But mostly I enjoy it because I think it means he is happy. He is unconcerned about anything else and without a worry or care in the world, he is left with no other option but to sing it out as loud as he can.

We are in the final stages of completely renovating the bathrooms and showers at “M”, thanks to help from a plumber/friend Les, as well as a Ugandan plumber and some very strong older boys that wanted to get in on the project. The bathrooms were all but unusable because of the clogged pipes and to step in there even felt like a risk of some airborne illness. Taking a ‘shower’ was also a debate – would I become cleaner by showering in there or would it just make it worse?

When Nathalie wrote me yesterday to tell me what she heard while visiting “M” last week, I had to laugh. She was walking down to the shower room to take a look at the progress that was being made but was stopped short by the sound of some of the boys singing in the shower. It really made her happy to hear that, and it made me glad too because I felt that this was just one more thing that the children didn’t have to worry about. A small thing, for sure, but together we can continue making small changes for them and it will add up to a lot.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far so that we were able to make this bathroom renovation happen.

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