We know many of you have been praying for us and are eagerly waiting for an update. So here’s the long and short of it so far. It’s been a hectic few days that only God could have orchestrated; often unpredictable and always fruitful. We just follow His lead. Key relationships continue to be formed and existing ones nurtured.

We started on Wednesday with an unexpected visit to “M”. What a blessing for everyone. When we arrived we learned that about 25 street children had been brought there the day before. The African Summit begins in Kampala on Monday and the police seem to be “cleaning up” the streets. Unfortunately, we saw children as young as 1 along with many others probably under 5. The blessing was that we were there to love on them and look forward to going back tomorrow.

During our visit, we were constantly amazed that many of these children still express joy and happiness. Their smiles will cut you to the core. It’s inspiring and painful all at once. In spite of their circumstances, they still seem to have fun with what little they have and express a joyful spirit.

Later in the day, two from our team went to another orphanage to visit a child that a family in Atlanta is adopting. The contrast with “M” was remarkable; loving care givers, a warm environment, toys for the kids. David was able to examine him (clean bill of health!) and Michael got some great footage for the family, which he shared with them last night.

Many of you have asked about adoption and this morning we met with an adoption attorney; recommended by our wonderful friend Amy. There is much to share and much that is promising. One interesting tidbit is that the attorney knew about “M”. As we talked about our experiences she was surprised to learn that children under 12 were at “M” along with girls. We have come to learn that there are many misconceptions about “M” and what it is really like there.

We concluded our day by joining a team from Knoxville (2 of whom will be going to “M” with us tomorrow) who have established an orphanage in Wakiso and will soon set up a medical clinic. David was able to provide some medical care to the kids and we were able to learn a lot from their experience.

Tomorrow is a full day at “M” so please pray for a time of bonding with the children and the love of Christ to be felt by all. We simply want to be His hands and feet as we serve them.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

Guest Blogger, Scott Harty