If you were faced with a situation that seemed hopeless, you had been abandoned by the only people you have ever known, you were all alone and you had no idea if you were going to get food or water the next day, what would you ask for? For most of us, it is difficult to even imagine such a situation, much less make a reasonable assumption regarding what your request might be in those circumstances. But for the children at “M”, this is not a remote situation at all. In fact, it is their daily situation. They are in such desperate need of love and care, not to mention food, clothing, medicine, and so on. And yet, they have asked us for Bibles.

This site has been pretty quiet for the past several weeks. We apologize for that. Sometimes when you are moving fast and lots of things are happening it is difficult to take a moment to stop and let everyone outside know what is going on. So we are going to take a moment to catch our breath and let you know what we have been up to and what is happening with Sixty Feet.

It has always been the hope and desire of Sixty Feet that we could meet some of the basic life needs of the children in “M” so that one day they would be open to hearing the Gospel and it would make sense to them and they would accept it for themselves. We know that Jesus Himself fed those who were hungry, healed the sick and lame and met the needs of those around Him. In Matthew 25, when Jesus is welcoming His own into heaven, He calls out specifically those who fed, comforted and visited those in need. The efforts of Nathalie over the past few years in visiting these children and showing them the love of Christ is paying off in some very tangible ways now. The fact that the children have now specifically asked for Bibles, to us, is a huge indication of that.

And so, how could we refuse a request like this? Sixty Feet and some friends are heading back to Uganda in July to visit the children, bring them the Bibles they’ve asked for, to feed, clothe and generally love them as best we can. We are also taking a pediatrician who will perform examinations of the children, help train the staff of some basic medical treatments, and evaluate the needs of their clinic so that we can properly stock it with needed medical supplies. Through an a providential relationship with a group of American doctors, we have access to one of the largest pharmacies in Uganda and so we won’t need to carry a lot of supplies with us.

Additionally, we will be working with our partners on the ground in Kampala to strategize ways that we can take some of these children out, place them in a better situation and ultimately seek loving, family environments for them. We also desire to make the current living conditions better at “M”, as there will no doubt always be a “M” with children in great need, but we hope that the time that they spend there will later be looked at by them as the time where they found the love of God and that set them on the course of their life that would one day benefit themselves and their own country for the better.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about our next trip, videos and updates from on the ground while we are there. We are so grateful for everyone that has asked how they can help. Please know that we are working very hard to make your money and and efforts mean the very most for these dear children.