Growing up, I remember the sick days…home from school with the slightest of fevers. Please don’t tell Mrs Parker that I was actually feeling well enough to go to lunch with my mom, maybe buy a toy at the drug store followed by the best roast beef sandwich in all of Atlanta at Henri’s bakery. After a few hours in bed, some cartoons and some rest, I was ready for anything.  Of course I was.

Being sick is a little different at “M”. Sick kids are involuntarily isolated from the other children. Quite honestly, I understand why the staff at “M” has to do this. Healthcare is limited beyond my comprehension.  A simple cough could have catastrophic results for the 200 children in this rural African orphan facility.

This is where children sit when they are sick at “M”. We were told they stay isolated as they are in this photo “until they get better”. I’d give anything to take them to Henri’s for a roast beef sandwich.