– gave a financial gift to Natalie/Werner allowing them to continue serving the children of “M”
– gave a financial gift to Natalie/Werner allowing them to have a budget for some of the children’s personal needs
– re-alligned a gutter that feeds a water storage tank with rainwater (and temporarily repaired a broken valve)
– fetched water with them the day their water was not working
– held the children
– hugged the children
– looked at exam results for the children fortunate enough to attend school
– built a trusted relationship with the director of “M”
– meeting with a social worker in the city of Kampala who works with street kids and related issues
– captured 15+ hours of video and hundreds of still pictures – we plan to share this with you over coming weeks
– met with a local engineering firm about water issues at “M”
– met with a knowledgeable local African who runs a non-profit related to child leadership training
– met with a nonprofit that focuses on orphan care
– met a businessman on the return trip who is chairman of solar power installation company
– met a flight attendant on return trip (she gave us contact info for her son who works in Ugandan orphanages)
– engineering firm visited “M” and is evaluating water infrastructure
– made dozens of other contacts in Uganda related to our cause
– learned their names and spent time with dozens and dozens of “M” kids
– worshipped with them
– ate with them (we don’t recommend posho though)
– walked with them and held their hands
– passed out vitamins
– clothed some of them
– cleaned and bandaged wounds
– investigated the water situation
– prayed with them
– played with them
– listened to the their stories
– looked deep into their eyes and vowed to them we will never forget them

through our time on the ground in Uganda we gained a better understanding of the children’s needs