We hit the ground running here in Uganda this morning. The early part of the day was spent unpacking, preparing equipment, calling contacts in Kampala and making a list of things we needed in order to visit the children tomorrow. Late morning we hit the road and drove all over the city running errands and picking up food. Along the way we drove into some areas well-known for being populated by street children – the same ones who have either come from or are no doubt heading to the place we are visiting tomorrow.

It was alarming to see such young children standing in the median of a busy 6 lane road, begging from car to car during stoplights. Perhaps even more disturbing to see their mothers on the sidelines encouraging them to beg. This is a problem much deeper than just giving food to some needy people.

We have already made some amazing contacts with people who have been here in Uganda for decades, in some cases. They gave us some great encouragement about what we are trying to do along with some guidance and words of caution. In one case, we were offered an awesome opportunity which, if it works out, will no doubt move this all forward very rapidly. I can’t say quite yet what that opportunity is, but believe me, it’s huge.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9