so in less than 2 weeks Dan and I will be in Uganda.

We will come face-to-face with the desperate children who seem to be crying out our names from this seemingly random place. Our mission is simple: We want to love on them and find out how we can help more specifically. There is a chance that if we get funding before our departure we could provide a few meals at the very least. But don’t forget it is only sixty feet to clean drinking water for them. Our hope and prayer is that we can somehow share these needs with more than just our friends and families. We want the world to hear their cries just as we have. We want the world to know the deep hurt in their eyes that can only come from a child who was dropped off at a place that is hell-on-earth, watching thru tear-soaked eyes as their mamma walks off down a long dirt road…..never to be seen again.

Sure we will be in a remote region in Africa, but we will still be comfortable. I’m sure I’ll be wearing some trendy Patagonia “wicking” shirt and my $150 waterproof Keens. I won’t wear cotton socks because they don’t pull moisture away from my feet and that could cause blisters, right?!! I’ll have plenty of hand sanitizer so I can eat my lunch “safely” after I “touch the children.” I’ll have a northface gortex jacket in case it rains and probably some rain pants also. My camera even has a rain cover for crying out loud!!! I’ll have a layer of sunscreen, a layer of bugspray, $1250 worth of vaccination shots, an assortment of travel pills, an iphone, and a film camera worth enough to feed an entire village for at least 5 years….but these precious children don’t have a dang thing….. not even a mom or dad. They don’t have clean drinking water, they don’t have anywhere close to a meal everyday, they don’t have anything to hope for because everything worth hoping for has been stolen from them. You better believe that God hurts for these desperate children.

The word compassion means “to suffer with”. I would like to think I have deep compassion for these children. But I will never suffer as they have and I don’t think I will ever truly comprehend what it means to suffer with them.

God help us help these sweet children. Open doors and may we find favor beyond reason with those who could shut our efforts down. Send us people who are capable of helping us along the way.

Uganda Bound,